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TLG. Global, LLC. Since 1985.

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Teaching Business Owners How To Convert Taxable Cash, Into A Tax-Free Retirement Advantage.


Don’t Pay Uncle Sam More Than You Have To!

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What Sets Us Apart From The Others?
As Insurance Brokers We Specialize In Little Known Insurance Products That Can Offer High Value At A Low Cost.

Our Motto Is, A Free Look Doesn’t Cost You Anything.

Not Checking It Out Could Cost You A Lot!

As a business owner the more income you keep the better your business will grow, for you and your family. We like what Kai-Zen can do to increase your net earnings, not the way typical Premium Finance Company’s do, but partnering with you.


No Credit Checks

No Loan Documents

No Personal Guarantees

Enhanced Growth Potential

“It’s Your Money, Make The Most Of It”

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