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Jerry Lober CEA

The Lober Group Since 1985.

Insurance Brokers Helping Business Owners Convert Taxable Income To Tax-Free.


Business Owners, Increase Your Retirement Lifestyle,

Reduce your Risks, Taxes, & Worry.

What Determines Your Success In Retirement?

26% is based on your rate of return.

74% is based on how much you save.

We Specialize in helping you achieve your goals – faster.

Check Out This Legal Way To Turn

Some Of Your Taxable Income To Tax Free.

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Why Use Us?

Since 1985 I have committed my company to finding the best legal ways to pay less taxes. As brokers, we look for companies that offer a great value to our customers to get a competitive edge.

This company specializes in retirement planning solutions for high net-worth or high-income earning professionals. Their commitment to excellence has enabled them to secure over $5 billion in loans.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jerome J Lober C.E.A.